Grading, Sodding & Lawn Maintenance in Niagara Region

At Nodev Landscaping, we know that coming home to the sight of a perfectly green, lush lawn is an equally relaxing and stimulating experience. Even if tending to that velvety sea of grass can take a lot of effort, putting in the work to maintain your lawn, flower beds and shrubs pays off in deep satisfaction. The good news is, you can hire a professional landscaping team to grade, sod, water and mown, while all there's left for you is enjoying your front lawn or backyard stress-free.

Maintenance, Pruning & Snow Removal in Niagara Region

Whether we are working on a commercial or a residential property, we have the ability to meet the highest expectations of service and quality, catering mainly to the high-end residential market. With our trademark attention to detail, Nodev Landscaping offers the following services:

  • Maintenance: We offer a variety of contract packages, which may include spray and fertilizer programs. Depending on city by-laws, we also provide organic alternatives.
  • Pruning: Pruning has almost become a lost art. Our pruning techniques keep your garden looking vibrant, neatly kept and may even extend the life of your landscape. Through a correct pruning process, Nodev Landscaping will ensure that your garden won't mature or overgrow too quickly, and you don't need to redo your landscaping.
  • A properly pruned and neatly kept outdoors, combined with a good nutritional program will help to keep your property beautiful and pest or problem free.
  • Snow Removal: As our landscaping maintenance client, you can depend on us for snow removal. We offer separate contracts: 8-month maintenance and 4-month snow removal with the option of snow melt or salting.

Looking for a trusted maintenance team? Give us a call to request pruning or grading and sodding in the Niagara Region and Fort Erie areas.

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